Chinese copy Japanese to make paddy fields into art; Is it possible in India?

Chinese copy Japanese to make paddy fields into art; Is it possible in India?

Agriculture tourism might seem like a hard sell but following the example of rice cultivators from the Japanese village of Inakadate, Aomori,  rice farmers in Shenyang, the capital of northeast China's Lianoning province have found a novel way to revitalise their province. The locals are turning their vast paddy fields into giant works of art.

Designs of giant elephants, butterflies, swans, dragons and even the popular cartoon character Po Ping from the animated series Kung Fu Panda has made its way into the paddy fields in China.

Chinese artists spend 20 days creating stunning 3D paintings in rice paddies in #Shenyang, #Liaoning province

— People's Daily,China (@PDChina) June 19, 2017

Novel techniques are implemented to produce this novel art. To design the art on the scale and to get the dimensions right requires the use of a helicopter that then beams light over the field using a high beam projector.

Ever seen pictures formed in #rice paddy fields?  Vivid, aren't they?

— China Daily (@ChinaDailyUSA) June 13, 2017

Along with this line, different varieties of paddy seeds are sown. When the crop reaches the harvesting stage, beautiful shapes of animals, birds and people can be seen. In the Japanese version of this art, tens of paddy varieties are used to ensure that the shape comes out clearer. These include red, brown, green and light blue-coloured plants.

Although it may seem implausible to imagine this art flourishing in India, due to the technical challenges and especially under the current climate of the supposed country wide farmer distress, you may be surprised to find out that an enthusiastic organic farmer of Kumbalur village in Davanagere district recreated the trend in 2010.

Anjaneya's peice­—a mother playing with her child and a peacock alongside it­­— attracted hundreds of curious farmers and onlookers.

Click here to see and know more about Anjaneya's paddy art.

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