Food, fun and football

Melting pot

Food, fun and football

I don’t regret coming back to India at all; such is the effect of Bengaluru,” smiles Dhruv Katyal who moved to the city last year from London, UK, where he completed his MBA.

Dhruv, who is from Bhilwara, Rajasthan, is married to Priyanka Arora from Karnal. The couple, who met through an online matrimonial site two years back, is now content in each other’s company in a city that they now call home.

“I lived in Delhi for seven years but when I shifted to Bengaluru, it struck me as a more progressive and happening place. Even after spending many years in Delhi, I never saw people jogging on the streets or going for a run. Even in terms of the work culture, it is more appealing and accepting. The warm vibes that people send out is amazing,” says Priyanka.

To which Dhruv adds, “Bengaluru is very rich in terms of culture too. Just like in London, people here are open to new ideas. The fact that individuals hailing from different parts of the country, with their various cultures and practices, co-exist here in peace, makes it a very progressive city.”

The only grouse they have is the woeful infrastructure. The quality of roads is extremely poor and so is the management of traffic, Dhruv details.

Drawing a comparison between Delhi and Bengaluru, Priyanka says, “Apart from the weather, I appreciate how people here are far friendlier than those in Delhi. The food culture is also another aspect that draws me towards the city. Every nook and corner has an eatery with an innovative concept. This innovation is missing in Delhi as people there still want to stick to the old-school ideas.”

Self-professed foodies, the couple regularly heads to ‘Nagarjuna’ for its meals. “It is our go-to place whenever we feel like having something homely. ‘The Zen’ and ‘Big Brewsky’ are our other favourites,” says Priyanka.

The duo is mostly seen relaxing at home and surfing through Netflix during the weekends, in an effort to spend quality time with each other.

However, being the enthusiastic people that they are, they also make sure to not restrict themselves indoors. “Over the weekends, we also go out and play football. Dhruv is really into football and he has somehow included me into it. At times when I don’t play football, I hit the gym. I also have an interest in painting so I pick up the brush occasionally,” she says.

Movies, plays and dinners also make it to their weekend plans. They also make sure to drive down to nearby places like Coorg, Wayanad, Mysuru and Masinagudi. Whenever there are longer holidays, they often fly abroad for a vacation or head to their hometowns.

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