Drifting into dreams

Drifting into dreams

Sleep calling

Drifting into dreams

The day has come to an end and you’re extremely tired, waiting to get a good night’s sleep. But just when you hit the sack, all signs of sleep seem to vanish.

If that cup of chamomile tea or warm cocoa hasn’t really helped, it’s time to return to the roots and take to yoga, which, many claim, is a sureshot remedy.

Suman Punjabi Mehtha has been practising yoga for more than a year now and she says the benefits are immense.

“I used to suffer from lack of sleep. Even if I was tired, I would find it hard to fall asleep and consequently, remained tired all the time. Yoga helped me become aware of my thoughts, especially before bedtime,” she says.

A regime comprising a few ‘asanas’ and techniques helped her gradually overcome the issue.

Earlier, Suman practised the entire cycle daily but with regular yoga classes, her sleep process and quality have improved immensely. “Now I do this only occasionally, when I find it difficult to sleep. Yoga calms one down and the night routine itself can help one a lot ,” she expresses.

Priya Memi, another yoga practitioner, who feels that sleep problems are generally related to stress.

“I recommend yoga (complementing other techniques) to clients if I feel a mind-body balance is required. ‘Shavasana’ (‘yoga nidra’) is generally instruction-based. Then there is a ‘deep relaxation technique’ as well that anyone can practise at home. However, it should be done only after two hours of eating dinner,” she says.

With ‘International Yoga Day’ here, no better time to start than today. After all, nothing can make up for a good night’s sleep.