Cayenne and Macan state why Porsche is more than a sports car

Cayenne and Macan state why Porsche is more than a sports car
Porsche cars are known for their goose-bumping beat sound on the road, blisteringly fast, stylish looks, and grip on the corner are the tailor-made features for the feel of sports utility.

Two of Porsche’s SUVs — the Cayenne and the Macan — set new benchmarks in the realm of supreme performance luxury. They take the sports car legacy of Porsche miles ahead with speed. To prove their capability, Porsche India had gievn an opportunity to off-road these beasts in Bengaluru, where these two cars showed what miracles they can perform, apart from going top speed on the road. It was important to test these cars off-road, to check feel the sheer mettel that these SUVs possess on specially designed tracks.  The off-road track featured a range of challenges including gravel traps, log crossings and deep mud terrains.

The cars are specially designed to experience the terrain, where by just switching the normal button will steady the car and charge it to ssurge ahead and conquer the rocks. The Macan, with its all-wheel drive system, has a button located in the centre console, which sets it to ‘off-road mode’. The driver can feel the car increasing its height, and it’s all set to go off-roading. This switches all relevant systems to a traction-optimised programme. Combined with the optional air suspension and Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM), the vehicle is automatically adjusted to cope with the terrain.

Hill descent mode

As with every 4-wheel drive car, the Porsche Macan too has a hill descent control feature. Following the golden rule of taking out the leg from brake and accelerator pedal, the driver just needs to control the steering wheel and make sure that the car will not fall out of the track. This system keeps the speed of the car constant on downhill gradients by limiting it between 3 and 30 kmph. Braking is on all four wheels, while the Antilock Brake System (ABS) remains active to prevent them from locking.

Smooth through slush

Driving the car in slush was a rather comfortable experience, where one would feel the car as if it were sailing. Even on a slippery path, the car will automatically get aligned to the track, if enough amount of torque is given. The Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV) in combination with the Porsche Traction Management (PTM), and Porsche Stability Management (PSM) systems, will reduce rear-wheel spin, and provides sufficient power to the front wheels so that they can literally pull the rear wheels if any of them got stuck in any deep pit.

Slide lines

When the car is taken on the slide lines, where it would be leaning at 27-degree angle, technical back-up will come into play to defy gravity and keep the car steady onto the ground.

After all, the Macan is more a sportscar than an off-roader. Surprisingly, its powerful turbo engine helps it do a good job on the off-roading track. Up hill or down hill, the Macan is unstoppable anywhere.

Though a compact SUV, the Macan can also do a better job than any of the other bulky SUVs. However, seeing the compact SUV on a rock is divine in itself.

Compared with the Macan, the Cayenne has more off-roading capabilities within the Porsche series. Among its similar features, the acceleration from the 3-litre V6 turbo engine is thumping and stronger than the Macan.

Amidst the deadly off-roading drive, we were also able to test the powerful braking system of the two Porsche cars. The designated straight line was meant to cruise the machines with all their power and check the braking system. The car almost hit top speed on the track, but due to the length it dropped. However, one could give a thumbs up for Porsche’s powerful braking system.

After this rather adventurous experience, one can term that the luxurious Porsche’s Macan and Cayenne are not just gorgeous-lookers and staggeringly fast machines, but also, capable enough to take on some pretty serious beating on the road while all the while cosseting you in supreme luxury.

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