Debris recovery soon

Ships rushing towards floating wreckage of French jet

 The jet, bound for Paris from Rio de Janeiro with 228 aboard, disappeared on Sunday night without any distress call.
“The nature of the debris, the concentration of the debris... all combines to prove that the debris from Air France 447 has been found,” Christophe Prazuck, a French military spokesman in Brazil, said on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported.
Brazilian Defence Minister Nelson Jobim said that “without a doubt” the debris was from the Air France plane. Military planes located the wreckage on Tuesday in a three-mile strip in the ocean, as hope of finding survivors all but vanished. The debris included “an orange life vest, an aircraft seat, a drum, kerosene and oil,” the Brazilian military said.

Probe into crash

At a press conference on Wednesday, Paul-Louis Arslanian, who is heading the French government’s inquiry into the crash, said he hoped that a preliminary report on the disaster would be available by the end of June. “Today, we don’t know what happened. It’s all pure speculation. Let’s let the real experts get to work. We will give the information as soon as we have it,” he said.
“For now, there are no elements that indicate that the aircraft had problems before its departure,” he added. Teams from Air France, Airbus, the government and other experts are participating in the investigation.
Confirmation that the debris, floating 600 miles from the coast of Brazil, is from Flight 447 is sure to help investigators, who have few clues to go on. With no radar information from land and no distress call from the pilots, a series of data messages transmitted by satellite from the plane to Air France’s maintenance office was all the data they had.
Finding the tail of the plane is a high priority for investigators, because that is where the voice and data recorders are located.

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