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Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir
Fatima Bhutto
Penguin, 2010, pp , Rs 699

This memoir tells the story of the Bhuttos, a family of rich feudal landlords who became powerbrokers in the newly created state of Pakistan; the epic tale of four generations of a family and the political violence that would destroy them. It is the history of a family and nation riven by murder, corruption and division, written by one who has lived it, in the heart of the storm.

Chicken Soup For The Indian Spiritual Soul
Edited by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Veena Seshadri
Westland, 2009, pp 393, Rs 295

This compilation celebrates the timeless wisdom and diversity of beliefs that have shaped India’s spiritual heritage. The stories in this explore the everyday aspects of spirituality such as personal belief, compassion, triumph over tragedy and laughter.

Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story that Changed The Course of World War II
Ben Macintyre
Bloomsbury, 2010, pp 400, £12.99

The masterminds of Operation Mincemeat dreamed up the most unlikely series of events, rendered them credible, and sent them off to war. They changed reality through lateral thinking, and proved that it is possible to win a battle fought in the mind, from behind a desk, and from beyond the grave. Operation Mincemeat was pure make-believe; and it made Hitler believe a lie that changed the course of history.

Captive Imagination: Letters From Prison
Varavara Rao
Penguin, 2010, pp 193, Rs 350

Poet, Marxist and activist, Varavara Rao has been continually persecuted by the state and intermittently imprisoned since 1973, but he never stopped writing during all these decades, even from within prison. Rao decided to test his creative powers in jail on the touchstone of his readers’ response and expressed himself in a series of 13 fiercely personal essays on imprisonment.

About Nineteen Hundred Words...
R T Kumar
Rajini & Co, 2010, pp 163, Rs 399

A collection of 22 stories spun from evocative images captured by C K Achuthan. A collection that captures scenes from everyday situations, offering comments on the ways of society and blending in life’s ironies. A book for anyone who enjoys an easy, entertaining read with a nice cup of filter coffee or chai by the side.

Unfolding The Mindfield
Madhav Kamat
Indialog, 2010, pp 234, Rs 195

This is a collection of experiences that have shaped the author’s life so far. He epitomises the harmony that can exist between a purely business proposition and a quest for spiritual awareness. On a deeper level, Kamat speaks of some powerful experiences which his rational mind could not explain, but were very real nevertheless. Kamat believes that business practices which are guided by a sense of ethics and morality can never be exploitative and that spirituality is, can and should be the basis of all human endeavour.