Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

My perfect weekend

Home is where the heart is

Weekends are when I get to chill out and gather myself up before starting a busy week. Since I keep working through the week, I tend to be out of the house most of the time.

So during the weekends, I try to be with family. I also go meet my grandparents.
Other than that, I like to go with my brother and friends for long drives. Sometimes we just drive down to Lonavala, Khandala or Pune, which are just a two-hour drive from Mumbai.

I love travelling a lot and I also use the opportunity to try out adventure activities. That makes me happy too.

I am a big foodie. Though my favourite cuisines are Italian and Mexican, I love trying out new restaurants and cuisines.

‘Indigo Cafe’ is one of the eateries I like going back to. And the fact that it is near to my house makes it even more comfortable.

When it comes to my cooking skills, I don’t let anyone touch my breakfast. I like to make the first meal of the day myself. Since I am a foodie, I also like to keep myself fit, which is why I hit the gym regularly.

I am a sports enthusiast too. My interest lies in cricket and football.

I don’t do much of reading except for comics. A big fat book scares me! On Fridays and Saturdays, I also head out for parties. I like partying because it is also an excuse to meet friends and hang out with them. There are also sometimes when we go bowling or catch a movie. It’s our way of taking a break from music, at least for a few hours .

We can’t really escape it because even when my friends come over to my place, we end up listening to music and ultimately start jamming.  On Sundays, we have this huge lunch at home, where my grandparents and everyone else is present. It is usually a huge family gathering.

In fact, it is during these gatherings  that we get to bond with each other. Also, there is a lot of interesting food on the table that day.South Indian food is a prominent part of the diet as my mother is from Andhra Pradesh.

Since I stay with my parents, I like to come back home to them and spend as much time as possible. We have a pet dog and we call him Handsome Malik. He is an important part of the family and I love spending time with him. So my perfect weekend would be a relaxed time with my family and loved ones.

A few of my favourite things

Bling watches

(As told to Surupasree Sarmmah)