'I'd love to do something for Ranveer Singh'

'I'd love to do something for Ranveer Singh'

Rap artiste

'I'd love to do something for Ranveer Singh'

He enjoys rapping as he feels it can communicate an entire story through one song. Rapper Dilin Nair aka ‘Raftaar’ has now launched his new track ‘Tere Wargi Nai Aye’, which speaks of modern-day love, following his hit song ‘Baby Marwaake Maanegi’.
In a chat with Anushree Agarwal, Raftaar talks about his unique name, the single and more.

Why did you name yourself ‘Raftaar’?

That was the first name which came to my mind. It’s totally connected to the way I make music — I am very fast with it which is what ‘Raftaar’ means.

Tell us about your new track ‘Tere Wargi Nai Aye’.

It’s about modern-day love. It expresses that you can meet someone and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t the best-looking one. The fact that you love them makes them the best for you and that’s all that matters.

What do you enjoy the most about rapping?

There is a lot of freedom in this zone. There is so much to write about. Also within one song, you can convey a whole story. That’s the power of rapping.

If you were given a chance to sing a peppy item number, which actor would you want in it?

I would love to do something for Ranveer Singh because I guess our energies match.

A track you can dance to anytime.

My own song ‘Baby Marwaake Maanegi’. It’s one of those rocking numbers that I just wanted to make and I finally did!

If it’s your last day on the planet, what would you do?

Well, I would like to listen to all the music that I have made and all the things I have achieved! It would make me really nostalgic.

Your definition of a lazy day...

Lying down, just eating some granola and yogurt and being on PlayStation 4. That’s just how I like it!

Three of your favourite foods...

I enjoy Thai and Mughlai cuisines a lot. But these days, I am on a diet. And yes, since I am from Kerala, I can have that food any day of the week!

Your future projects...

I have signed three albums recently. A few of my upcoming songs are the ‘Dance Plus 3’ title track and then there is ‘Gal Goriya’ with Maninder Buttar, a big artiste from Punjab. I am also working on a few things with Jaz Dhami and my own artiste Deep Kalsi.