Bengaluru first in India to get diesel delivered home

Bengaluru first in India to get diesel delivered home

Bengaluru first in India to get diesel delivered home
A startup has begun delivering diesel on customers' doorsteps and hopes to add petrol to its services soon.

MyPetrolPump, the Bengaluru-based startup, made its first delivery in the city last week. It has delivered about 5,000 litres so far. With this, Bengaluru becomes the first city in India to have diesel delivered home.

With a fleet of three tankers, it also plans pilot runs in rural areas around Bengaluru. After a year of studying the Bengaluru market, MyPetrolPump found HSR Layout, Koramangala, Bellandur and BTM Layout ideal for its pilot phase. “They have a variety in terms of clientele, and hence, we started off there,” founder Ashish Gupta told DH. He believes the service will be more effective in rural areas as customers have to travel long distances to get fuel. "And a lot is lost in the approach to the petrol pump,” he said.

‘Won’t worsen traffic’

Gupta believes the service could also help beat traffic. “The market we want to cater to is large organisations, such as schools and transport companies, which have a fleet of 20-50 buses. It would make sense for one vehicle to go rather than have the entire fleet drive to the petrol pump.” The minimum order now is 20 litres, and MyPetrolPump charges a fee of Re 1 extra for each litre of diesel delivered.

It plans to look at other revenue models. “We plan to tie up with auto insurance companies, but that will take some time,” he said. The company has so far invested Rs 65 lakh. “The major gap in the market lies in poor handling of fuel, especially at apartments and large complexes that use generators. It is usually an errand handled by a security guard, not equipped for efficient handling. Moreover, excess fuel is stored in poor condition, leading to leakage and evaporation, which pose a risk,” Gupta said.

Safety questions

In terms of safety and regulations, MyPetrolPump is compliant with all statutory requirements, he said. In India, transport and storage of less than 2,500 litres of diesel does not require a licence, and MyPetrolPump operates within this bracket. The meters and tankers are approved by the authorities concerned.