Todays letter

Todays letter

Right to education 

Sir, The Right to Education Act has been passed. Now, will there be follow ups? Or, will it remain in the statute book as many other fundamental rights?

The magnitude and implications of this act are far reaching. Not many are aware of uphill tasks of putting every child in the country in a school for a few years. Good trained teachers, infrastructure like school buildings, basic requirements like class room facilities, books have to be arranged for in the first instance. This involves not only enormous costs but also colossal amount of man power. Government alone cannot handle the task by itself. Private enterprise has to come forward in sharing this huge national undertaking. Corporate giants should ear mark a certain percent in their profits for promoting elementary education especially in villages and rural areas. Government should be generous in giving full tax benefits for such schemes.


Apropos to the Education bill...

It is as mildly comical as it is bitterly ironical that one’s entitlement to education has become a fundamental right on All Fools’ Day.

The national government will have to go beyond the sheer symbolism of the publicity blitz and the Prime Minister’s address to the nation. The vital mechanism to implement the law will have to be in place, of which there was little or no indication on April 1. The Centre has set an outlay of Rs 171,000 crore, an amount that will have to be shared by the states. The uncertainty deepens with the states reluctant to bear more than ten per cent of the expenditure. It is improbable that the planned 65:35 ratio will work out. Clearly, the states were not consulted on the fiscal commitment just as they were not consulted in the setting up of schools in every neighborhood. A watershed achievement bristles with thorny issues. After 60 years, the child deserves better. He really does.

ill treatment of the ‘brave hearts’


The Supreme Court has rightly come down heavily on the government while fixing monetary benefit to the armed forces. It is common knowledge that the Armed Forces are doing arduous duties, exposing themselves to attacks from the enemies and the ultras unmindful of their own lives.  They are, in their parlance, considered as ‘second class’ citizens barred from mixing with others.

The nation is indebted to them for the selfless services risking their lives, it needs no further emphasis that they should be compensated fairly for the job they are doing.  Granting Rs.1,000 per month and DA for the respondent in the instant case, who met with an accident while doing his duty in high altitude by any standards, is a pittance.  The brave hearted and manner in which army personnel discharge their duty to safeguard the country should be adequately paid.



A timely Judgement on honor killing

Historical Judgment of Death Sentence against Brutal killing and So called Hounour Killing given by Hon District Judge, who happens to be a Lady, Mrs Vani Sharma of Karnal is most applauding and will be written in golden words of Indian Judiciary and this verdict will clearly send a strong message to every one that no body is above the Law of the Land. and  The panchayats will no longer be allowed to carry out the so called  kangaroo Courts who  act as Judges ,prosecutors and swift executioners  and only Law of Land will work irrespective of these Panchayats social , caste and political patronage .  
This verdict is most timely and echoed the sentiments of large number of people of this countryothing illustrate the apathy of Government, Police and social organizations  who have remained Mute spectators. 
Ramesh G jethwani ,
Bangalore .

The big bluff of knowing everything

and we hope this judgment will stop the brutal killing of innocent people which has been going on in the name of religion. N

Whenever any new discovery or inventions are made any where in the world, it is the  habit of some educated Indians to claim that already our ancestors were knowing about this discovery/inventions  and the formula is already enumerated in our ancient texts.

Accordingly when the scientists successfully conducted the experiment of dashing of Protons near Geneva two days back to find out the secrets of the origin of the  universe  Arvind Tapkire of Mumbai  has claimed that the explanation about big bang ,and protons  & Atoms  already exists in our Upanishads.

But when the Authors of the Holy Texts of all the Religions of the world were not even knowing that the Earth is round and not flat, and it is not static but revolves around itself and around the Sun, and the sun is not Earth’s planet but a Star, then how can they know the secrets of the Origin of the Entire Universe.


Praveen. S. Shetty,


It’s a government duty, to look after jawans
Supreme Court decision to reprimand Govt for disregarding the plight of the jawans deserves admiration. SC was flawless in their observation that the jawans without the fear of death lurking around them was doing their sacred duty in safeguarding us. The Govt is seen shamelessly offering peanuts in return. In the wake of any calamity it is the army (Armed Forces) who is looked upon for rescuing us. It is the bounden duty of the Govt to redress the grievances by ensuring sufficient care, compensation and remuneration being offered to the family of the jawan.

Deepak Chikramane