761 ACs go missing from Punjab godown

761 ACs go missing from Punjab godown

761 ACs go missing from Punjab godown

 A complaint of missing electronic goods would normally not evoke curiosity among the police, but this one has left them baffled, to say the least.

The police in Mohali, Punjab, are investigating a rare case of missing air-conditioners — a whopping 761 air conditioners to be precise — that were “decamped” by robbers from a company warehouse. No one got a wind of it.

Investigating Officer Kulwinder Singh told DH none of the missing ACs have been recovered so far. He said top officials of the company have been summoned to record their statements.

What has flummoxed all is the modus operandi that was put to use to execute a plan of this magnitude.

More difficult than getting inside the warehouse would have been the plan to clandestinely transport 761 ACs to a location that could escape the eyes of the company and the police.

Whether it eventually turns out to be a case of missing inventory of stock or a well-executed handiwork of thieves, the police have registered a case of theft against unknown persons.

Company officials have so far not termed it a case of missing stock, sources said.
The incident came to light after the company decided to shift their warehouse from Ghuran village to a village in Punjab’s Morinda.

Just as the shifting of electronic and electrical goods began, the staff realised that the area where the ACs were stored was empty.

The security guards were questioned, but to no avail.

Missing CCTV footage

The CCTV cameras at the entrance and exit areas of the warehouse were non-functional. The police have sought visuals of the other cameras to assist them in the probe.