Shoaib near Sania to tackle Ayesha

Shoaib near Sania to tackle Ayesha

Shoaib near Sania to tackle Ayesha

In this TV grab, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are seen at the former’s residence in Hyderabad on Saturday. PTI/Star News

Malik went straight to his fiancée Sania Mirza’s house in Banjara Hills here where he was spotted speaking on the phone in a balcony on Saturday. However, the Mirza family is tightlipped about the purpose of the visit.

The Siddiqui family in Hyderabad on Friday came out with a “nikahnama” or marriage certificate of Shoaib with Ayesha. Shoaib’s family has dismissed it as fake. On Saturday, the Siddiquis revealed a bat dedicated to Ayesha and signed by Shoaib and a man-of-the-match trophy as evidence of their closeness.

 According to sources close to the Siddiqui family, they had served a legal notice on Shoaib and his brother-in-law Imran Zafar for cheating, defamation and harassment. Shoaib’s family has accused the Siddiquis of cheating him by using a photograph of another girl. They also threatened to file a counter case against the Siddiqui family.

The Siddiquis have threatened to file a police complaint against him in Hyderabad if he goes ahead with his marriage with Sania without divorcing Ayesha. However, it is not clear how the Indian law will apply considering both Sania and Shoaib are Muslims. And the Islamic law does not prohibit a second marriage without divorcing the first wife. In any case, Shoaib is reported to have brought an Indian lawyer along with him from New Delhi should any legal tangle develop.

According to information here, given the sensational developments with the Sania-Shoaib marriage barely two weeks away, the Mirza family is considering moving the marriage venue to Dubai from Hyderabad.

 Andhra Cricket Association chief Chamundeswarinath, said to be close to Shoaib,  is mediating with the Siddiqui family to find an “amicable solution.” He is also believed to have carried a set of terms and conditions.