Akshaye doesn't mind doing small roles but they should have an impact

Akshaye doesn't mind doing small roles but they should have an impact

Akshaye doesn't mind doing small roles but they should have an impact
Actor Akshaye Khanna, who has starred as a lead in several films, says he has consciously decided to take up smaller but effective roles in his second innings in Bollywood.

Akshaye was recently seen as a baddie in Varun Dhawan- John Abraham starrer "Dishoom" and is now busy promoting his next film "Mom" that features Sridevi in the lead.

"I decided, having taken an off of four years, I wanted to start off with slightly smaller roles to get into that zone. But I was sure I won't do it by compromising on the quality of work. The role could be small, but it should have an impact in the story," Akshaye told PTI.

Akshaye, 42, who has been working since the age of 19, was away from the silver screen for four years due to personal reasons. The actor says he felt tortured while he was not doing films.

"There was a reason why I took a sabbatical. I had some personal reasons which didn't allow me to work. But there has never been a point in my life where I wanted to take things slow, or I don't want to work.

"Besides work (acting), there is nothing I know or can do. I have been working nonstop since I was 19 so not working is torturous. That phase has gone now."

Even though he was away from films for a while but Akshaye refrains from calling the phase as his 'comeback'.

"I won't say it's my 'comeback'. There were some reasons because of which I couldn't work. Now, it doesn't matter what adjectives people give it. I am enjoying working now.

"I am glad people enjoyed my role in 'Dishoom' and my role in 'Mom' is fantastic. In a way, both Nawazuddin Siddiqui (co-star) and I have extended cameos in the film. We may have had only 20 days of work but the impact (of our characters) is huge," says Akshaye, who is playing an investigative officer in the movie.

Talking about his experience working with Sridevi, Akshaye says, "She has a very well defined space, no one can encroach that, and I respect that. It's the best way to be. Especially someone as senior as her, she has every right to define the space she feels comfortable in. There is no ambiguity. But she is such a delight to work with.

"Not only her or Nawaz, but even the smallest of the roles in the film are so well etched out, it is amazing. The performances in the film are something to look out for."

Directed by Ravi Udyawar, the film is scheduled to release on July 7.