Thrill on wheels

Thrill on wheels

Bengaluru to Buckingham

Thrill on wheels

Bengaluru couple Nishith Jois and Priyanka recently embarked on what they call a “drive of a lifetime”. Titled ‘Bangalore Palace to Buckingham Palace’, the drive started on April 9 and was completed on June 2.

Covering 20,000 km across 18 countries in 55 days, the trip was nothing short of a colourful potpourri of food, cultures and experiences. The duo now stand as the first and the youngest couple to have done this and are awaiting their second record in the Limca Book. In a chat with Anushree Agarwal, they give a sneak peek into their adventures.

Were both of you always bitten by the adventure bug?
Priyanka: Nishith has always been a travel and adventure freak. The travel bug bit me after marriage. As a couple, we are totally addicted to globetrotting.

What were the preparations involved?
Nishith: We had to apply for various visas and permits for our car to cross borders. In anticipation of unforeseen possibilities enroute, we also carried various consumables and parts for the car. The most essential prerequisite for a drive like this is to carry the right attitude consistently. Mental and physical health are equally important.

You drove across 18 countries...
Nishith: Well, it was India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.

Which one did you find the most fascinating?
Priyanka: China was the most fascinating, inviting and delightful country. From amazing infrastructural advancement to surprisingly good vegetarian options, this beautiful country could prove to be a good home to anyone in the world. It has smooth highways, breathtaking landscapes and welcoming people.

One of your most interesting experiences on the trip.
Nishith: Crossing international borders on real tarmac was my dream from the time I played with my toy cars. The one simple but great lesson learnt while on this journey was to understand the power of a smile on your face.

Tell us about some of the unusual food you had.
Priyanka: ‘Lahpet thuok’ (a salad of tea leaves) in Myanmar; ‘Bplaa naa oon’ (deep fried tiny fish) in Chiang Kong, Thailand; ‘Uyghur’ bread and Laghman in Uzbekistan; ‘Lody’ (a traditional Polish ice cream) and fresh authentic Belgian Waffles are some of the interesting delicacies we had on our way.

You drove on the Autobahn in Germany. Was it thrilling?
Priyanka: Nishith is crazy about high speeds and I’m not. My heart skipped beats when he touched 200 kmph on the world-famous Autobahn, which boasts of not enforcing speed limits for driving enthusiasts. 

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