Mudit out of danger after crocodile attack, to get artificial limb after 3 weeks

Mudit out of danger after crocodile attack, to get artificial limb after 3 weeks

Mudit out of danger after crocodile attack, to get artificial limb after 3 weeks

 The condition of Mudit Dandwate (26), who survived a crocodile attack on Sunday, is said to be stable. Mudit’s tissue samples have been sent to laboratories for tests to check for infection.

Dr Priyadarshan Krishnamurthy, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Hosmat Hospital told DH that all medication to prevent gangrene and rabies has been administered.

“The bites and saliva of most wild animals, especially reptiles and insects, are very poisonous. We also want to ensure that Mudit does not suffer from any fungal and clostridial infection, which could be life threatening. We will get the results in 72 hours, after which the next course of treatment will be decided,” he said.

Mudit’s left forearm and hand had been bitten off by a crocodile at around 7.30 am, when he and his female friend, with two dogs, entered Thattakere lake in Anekal forest division 38 km from the city.

Mudit was rescued by a team of forest officials who rushed him to Sagar Hospital on Bannerghatta Road. He was later sent to Hosmat for specialised treatment.

Dr Krishnamurthy said Mudit was shifted from the ICU to the ward by late Monday evening after he showed marked improvement in his health.

“His is also psychologically stable. Normally, in such cases, patients get very scared and take very long to cope with it as they are in a state of shock. He is also interacting with doctors, staff and his parents. The artificial limb will be attached on him after three weeks, when his wounds heal,” he said.

Mudit’s parents came to Bengaluru on Sunday night. Mudit is a native of Nagpur and an IIT graduate. He came to Bengaluru two years ago and started a health-based startup. He is a resident of Indiranagar.

Trespassing case against Mudit

According to forest officials, people venture into forests and water bodies despite warning boards.

The Anekal forest range has filed a trespassing case against Mudit under Section 22 of the Wildlife Protection Act since he entered the lake and forest without permission, ignoring the warning boards.

Another official said this was a compoundable offence and he can get bail. “We have done this to safeguard ourselves. If he later claims a huge compensation, we should be able to prove it. Also, in order to help him get medical benefits, we are helping in the investigation to show that he was not a poacher and did not have any ulterior motive in entering the lake and the forest patch,” the official said.

Saswathi Mishra, Chief Conservator of Forests, territorial, Bengaluru said that when people trespass, they are normally let off with a warning. “In some cases we are forced to book cases. Crocodile attacks are rare compared to elephant attacks. After this incident, I have directed the staff to put up more sign boards warning people,” she said.