'I am a flexible listener'

'I am a flexible listener'

Playback singer

'I am a flexible listener'
Sangeetha Ravindranath has been singing for as long as she can remember. The Sandalwood singer, who has charmed many with her voice, is also the recipient of Karnataka State Film Award for ‘Best Playback Singer Female 2016’ for the song ‘Nannede Beedige’.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the artiste talks about her foray into the world of tunes.

How did the tryst with singing start?

It’s a funny story — when my mother realised that she was pregnant, she prayed hard for a girl child so that she could make me a singer and name me ‘Sangeetha’. My mother says that I have been singing since I was two. In fact, I remember having my first show at the age of 7.

Some of your favourite songs from the past...

My brother and I have been  huge fans of Shah Rukh Khan. I remember how we would sing ‘Do Dil Mil Gaye’ from ‘Pardes’.

What’s your favourite genre?

I love listening to all sorts of music, varying from pop to jazz. I am a flexible listener. Music that helps to detoxify me, like Hindustani classical or jazz, remains a favourite.

Any challenges you faced in the industry...

It’s not been a cakewalk. But it’s not been a very difficult journey either. I have been lucky in the industry. A challenge that many faced in the industry was the practice of getting Bollywood singers to sing in our movies. But the scene is slowly changing.

Your reaction when you heard about the State award...

Two of my songs were nominated and I was surprised that ‘Nannede Beedige’ from ‘Jalsa’ won, as the movie didn’t fare that well.

What are you like during a recording?

I am a ‘bindaas’ person and I am lively. I am not strict with the structure and whenever I record, I am full of positive vibes.

If you were an instrument, which one would you be?

The piano. It is one of the greatest instruments of all times. I also love African instruments like djembe, timbal and congo. Many people do not know that even melodies can be played on  these instruments.

What’s next?

I am a part of a musical collaboration called ‘Strisvara’, which comprises international, Indian, and tribal artistes like Soliga girls from B R Hills. I always want to be a part of musical projects that are not restricted.