Plaint against police officers for keeping orderlies

Plaint against police officers for keeping orderlies

An advocate has filed a petition before the Karnataka State Police Complaints Authority (KSPCA) seeking registration of criminal cases against 81 police officers, including DG&IGP
R K Dutta and senior IPS officers M N Reddi, Sanjay Sahay and Neelamani Raju for keeping orderlies though the state government has scrapped the system.

Sudha Katwa, the petitioner, has requested KSPCA to recover the money spent on orderlies from the officers from March 8, 2017, the day the government scrapped the orderly system.

Order violated

“There are a total of 81 police officers who are still using 133 constables as orderlies. These officers have violated the government order and have indulged in human rights violation,” she said in the complaint.

“Neelamani Raju appointed the orderlies after the government order, while another senior officer Malini Krishnamurthy is a member of the KSPCA, but still has orderlies. How can these people do justice to their subordinates and public while serving?” Sudha asked.

The petitioner sought that the orderlies be withdrawn immediately and posted in
different positions. Committee sought“Criminal cases should be registered against these
officers. A committee, comprising human rights activists and judges, should be constituted to ascertain names of other officers using orderlies,” the petitioner said.