Crashed aircraft was in City last week

The aircraft had crashed on June 1, while on a flight from the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

According to BIA sources, the four-year-old A330-203, bearing the registration number F-GZCP, had flown into Bangalore on May 26 and May 28, leaving for Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris) the same day, on both occasions. The aircraft did not report any technical problems, said air traffic controllers who had cleared it for take-off.

A top BIA official confirmed that the Air France plane was at the Bengaluru International Airport on both days. But he added that it was routine for airlines to change different aircraft on different routes, and that there was nothing special about the aircraft coming to Bangalore. 

However, this aircraft was different from the one that landed in Bangalore at 11.46 pm on May 30, and left for Paris.

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