A natural high

A natural high

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A natural high
Bengalureans want to get away from all of it — the stress, the traffic, the work deadlines and what not!  Connecting to nature seems to be the panacea for all ills and for this, they are taking to hiking and trekking in a big way.

A popular spot for these nature lovers is the Western Ghats.Sunil Babu VK, a businessman, is a regular trekker. He recently went to Mullayanagiri.  “These travels have helped me discover myself. I now know the extent to which I can handle things. I’ve also become a more social person,” he says.

“These breaks have helped me develop my persistence and encourage others to achieve their goals. To motivate others is not an easy task. So when one crosses hurdles, like in trekking, it boosts the confidence levels,” he says. 

For many, it is also a wellness trip. Tanushree Maji, a senior financial analyst, started trekking with her family during weekends before she understood the positive change it brought about in her. “The feeling when you reach the summit is like none other,” she points out. Tanushree, who recently went to Nishani Motte Peak, feels that “the treks were perfect life lessons to understand that nothing is impossible”.

She says, “I feel stronger after each trek. Meeting and interacting with new people has made me receptive to many things.”

Activities like hiking and  adventure sports have brought him close to nature, says Nitin Kestur, a lead analyst. “Treks have helped me understand the importance of flora and fauna,” he says. Nitin who recently hiked to Kerdarkanth, likes travelling with groups. “From altitude changes to sanitation needs, one goes through different situations while trekking on peaks. I’ve learnt the nuances of team building from these travels,” he adds.

Many turn to nature to heal emotional and physical issues when stress takes over. Homebaker Ridhima Goel goes trekking and hiking whenever she feels bogged down. “Apart from being a workout, adventure strengthens the mind, body and soul. I believe that salt water heals — this means sweating it out often helps people deal with  many situations,  including physical pain. I had a toe injury for which I consulted many doctors, but it was when I went on an expedition that I felt I recovered fully,” she says.

Connecting to nature is important as it helps to give a better view of one’s own life, she adds. “We are all so stuck in mundane activities. When in the hills, the fresh air and the sunlight causes our body to
release happy hormones, making us feel much better,” says she.

Ridhima, who recently went to Sakleshpur with daughter Eesha who is her favourite travel companion, says that she has a positive approach to things after every trek. “The sanguine feeling that nature gives is unbeatable,” she says.