'I wanted to follow my heart'

'I wanted to follow my heart'

Dentist-turned-Bollywood singer and actor Meiyang Chang has carved an interesting path for himself. Chang, who did his dentistry in Bengaluru and practised here, opted to study it as it was his family profession. However, he realised that this wasn’t his true calling. So he chased his dreams to Bollywood.
He has now been chosen to host ‘India’s Best Jobs’ on Discovery Channel. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about his work, life and more.  

Tell us about your time spent in Bengaluru...
I did my studies here. I also practised dentistry for a year in Cooke Town.

How did the transition  from a dentist to a singer-actor happen?
Although I enjoyed being a dentist, I wanted to explore the other facets of my personality. I already had a passion for music which I picked up from my father. I realised that music and acting was my true calling.  Since I wanted to follow my heart, I switched to being an actor and singer.

How is it to host ‘India’s Best Jobs’?
It’s very exciting because I  get to travel, meet exciting people and devour good food. I am also getting inspired and helping other people get inspired through the show.

What is common between you and the people you meet on the show?
Most of the people in the show have worked in traditional professions before they decided to follow their heart. Although, traditional jobs brought them money and satisfaction, they found that they weren’t happy. Doing what jobs they like best has given them immense happiness.

How do you make a success out of what you do?
If you are passionate and put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing, then your job will speak for itself.

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