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On my pinboard

Onir is a director, editor, screenwriter and producer who is best known for his debut Bollywood film ‘My Brother...Nikhil’. He is also the recipient of the National Award for his film ‘I Am’.

Onir started his career with the documentary ‘Fallen Hero’ which he directed and produced. It was in 2006 that he released his second Bollywood film ‘Bas Ek Pal’ with Urmila Matondkar, Sanjay Suri and Jimmy Shergill and later worked on ‘Sorry Bhai!’.

He has always worked on offbeat subjects which has touched a chord with the audience.

His upcoming film ‘Shab’, starring Raveena Tandon and newcomer Ashish Bisht, is set to release in July.


‘Pink Floyd’

“I grew up listening to what is now known as ‘retro music’. My favourites were ‘Pink Floyd’, ‘The Beatles’ and so on. I also love Kishore Kumar’s songs. The thing with me is, I can’t listen to music and do something else. I need to completely set aside time for that and get engrossed in it. So I usually prefer to listen to music while travelling.”


Meryl Streep

“There’s something about the way she presents herself on the screen which is what sets her apart. My favourite film of hers is ‘Sophie's Choice’. The way she acts and the way she is — there aren’t enough words to describe that. I also like the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and his performance in ‘Bad Education’.



“No matter how many times I visit, I never get enough of Berlin. Everything about the city is amazing — be it food, friends or art. I discover new things everytime I go there but I also have a few favourite places I like to go back to. ‘Roses Bar' is one such place. As for my bucket list, I want to visit Ladakh one day.”


Haruki Murakami

“I’m someone who enjoys reading good literature. That’s why I enjoy authors like Haruki Murakami and Amitav Ghosh. I am a fan of Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’ and the works of Neil Garcia. The way Neil brings out magical reality with his words is fascinating. With my busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time but I find time to read as often as I can.”


Irene Dhar Malik

“She’s my big sister and a true one in every way possible. I love how she is bold and confident in everything she does. One thing that I most admire about her is how she cares for my parents. No matter what she’s doing and where she is, she has always been there for me and stood by me. She is my greatest inspiration.”


“I am a foodie, so I enjoy everything from ‘pani puri’ to ‘biryani’. I also love having ‘khichdi’.
However, my favourite delicacies are ‘mutton biryani’ that my dad makes and ‘prawn malai curry’ prepared by my mother. They have always been great cooks. My mom makes her curry from scratch and it’s just the way I like it. I also enjoy cooking; I’m known for making some great ‘momos’ and chicken preparations.”