Gunmen in uniform kill 24 in Baghdad

Gunmen in uniform kill 24 in Baghdad

The attackers may have been pretending to be US soldiers because they wore US-style uniforms, sunglasses, and spoke some English, according to an Iraqi military source at the scene.

The attack occurred on Friday in a Sunni enclave called Albusaifi in the southern part of Baghdad province, a former stronghold of al-Qaeda militants. A police source said the gunmen handcuffed the victims and shot them in the head.

At least seven people were left alive, their hands tied behind their backs, Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi said. “The terrorist group drove cars and killed 24 people, including five women,” Moussawi said.

Iraqi authorities had warned of a possible escalation of violence due to rising tensions surrounding a March 7 parliamentary election that produced no clear winner.

Iraqi and US troops sealed off the area. Moussawi said 25 people were arrested and security forces were searching for more.