A hero and a role model

A hero and a role model

When a young son saw his father apologising to his mother for his behaviour at the dinner table, explaining that he was under deep work pressure and so had lost his cool and yelled at her, which was completely unwarranted. That night the son prayed 'O God, I thank you for a father like that - make me like him!'

That's why it is important for a father to behave in a way he expects his children to behave - he is setting an example everyday as his children watch him and wait to grow up like him one day.

Though a father's role is underplayed in comparison to that of the mother, the truth is, as a saying goes 'father is that person who goes through the childbirth without any anaesthetic waiting outside the labour room '- he enjoys and endures everything just as the mother from that day on.

He becomes a friend, a counsellor, a healer, a leader, in children's teenage years and continues on.

If a father fails to don those roles and fails to understand his children, he would be a failure as a father. A father is the first hero of a daughter and a role model of a son. 'There is a little wide eyed child who believes you are always right, and his eyes and ears are open and he listens and watches you day and night, you are that little fellow's idol - this truth fathers must always remember'.

Father's role is very significant in bringing discipline and righteousness in their character. Even if he is a governor or a president, a man makes his most significant contribution to the country by the role he manages at home as a father.

The quality of a child's relationship with his or her father seems to be the most important influence in deciding how that person reacts to the world.

Fathers have stout and sturdy hearts and so children would not know what is inside-they do not display their emotions and feelings openly- because they have to be always ready to stand up in the storm, ready to protect from the stress and spur of difficulties and challenges. A father's stature and self-esteem build the same in his children.