A stretch apart

A stretch apart

Pilates power

A stretch apart
To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise,” said professional boxer Gene Tunney. While exercising has always been a priority for health-conscious Bengalureans, giving a twist to the traditionals forms of working out is the new norm.  This is where pilates comes in.
Terming it a smart way to wellness training, Namrata Purohit, a fitness instructor, says that pilates can be quite addictive.

“It works with the body in a very effective and efficient way, unlike other forms of exercises. This form connects to the core and works each muscle, including the deeper ones, in the body,” she says.

Word-of-mouth has contributed to the spread of this concept, she says. “Also, many  Bollywood celebrities and athletes are trying this out which has added to the popularity,” she adds.

Aparna Pathak, a wellness coach, who has been practising pilates as well as encouraging many to follow suit, feels that the sense of curiosity attached to a new concept inspires many to give it a try.

“Our current lifestyle has ruined our posture and we need exercises that concentrate on the core now. Pilates is a hit among young professionals who experience back, shoulder, neck and joint aches,” she says.

From spondylitis and slip disc to post-surgery issues, Aparna has seen many health issues being addressed by pilates. “It’s a very engaging process. But one cannot think about anything else when scooping the abdomen muscles or rolling the shoulders. Pilates requires a lot of focus and determination,” she says.

Like gymnastics, pilates is also a fun and interesting way of losing weight while strengthening oneself, vouches Kiran Kumar D R, a pilates trainer.

“From toning muscles to burning fat faster, there are many reasons to opt for pilates now,” he adds.

The best part is that age is not a barrier, unlike other contemporary forms. “There is no stress or scope for injuries in this form. It also strengthens one’s endurance and flexibility, which is what makes it popular among people of all age groups,” details Kiran. Deepa Godkhindi, associate director with a telecommunication company and a fitness enthusiast, says that she finds her visit to the gym to be a more pleasant experience after taking up pilates.

“Once one’s core strengthens, it is easier to do any form of stretching or weight lifting. I am also training in kathak and the form has helped me with my posture in that,” she says.

Deepa feels more fresh and focussed after her pilates workout. “It helps one stay calm and improves concentration. Pilates rejuvenates one completely,” adds Deepa.

Anoushka Nadkarni, a young professional, notes that though pilates is similar to yoga, people are more sceptical about yoga because they feel that it requires them to be very flexible.

“This form has stepped in and bridged that gap. It helps in creating a better balance with its emphasis on alignment,” she says.