How to light it right

How to light it right

How to light it right
Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in one’s life which involves much thought, planning and investment. And the purchase of a property is only the beginning of a journey. Creating a home and recreating one’s nest is an activity that is sacrosanct for many of us, and quite rightly so. Decorating spaces requires much thought, and though every home is unique in its own way as it mirrors its owners, we all want the same thing — the perfect ambience.

Lighting can be used to add character and different moods to a space, in order to create the right environment. It can make you feel like it is day during the evening, convert your bathroom into a spa or even metamorphose one’s living room into a dance floor. Despite lighting being so instrumental in styling our home and transforming moods, it often takes a backseat as people do not understand the Midas touch that meticulous lighting has to offer.

Whether it’s having a Game of Thrones marathon night, baking cookies or organising fun soirées with your friends, we have some tips for creating the best comfortable corners and Instagram worthy memories around your home! Here you go:

‘Space’ things up

As cities are increasingly stretching over to the suburbs and even beyond that, the average size of an apartment is shrinking. This omnipresent space crunch calls for smart interiors and lighting. Lighting can help create an illusion of space, be it man-made or natural. Often times, furniture pieces are placed too close to each other in city homes, which makes spaces look confined. Therefore, find ways to throw more light into the room.

Allow natural light or even corner lamps, wall sconces and centrally dangling lights on the ceiling, as they help brighten a room and create an illusion of space. Light is always a winner as it accentuates your home by bouncing off reflective surfaces, which make spaces look bigger than it is.


Lighting is a great way to style your home, but don’t overlook the purpose of lighting, or it does more harm than good, like running up your electricity bill. Chandeliers are not just great ways to ornament foyers and rooms, but they also illuminate them. But for work areas such as study rooms, desks and cooking spaces, choose task-specific lighting where functionality takes precedence over decor and aesthetics. With the right kind of light, one can avoid any strain to eyes, any mishaps in the kitchen or even getting the winged eyeliner on point!

Accent lighting

Had one of the finest architect’s and decorators to design your home? Then why wait to flaunt the house? Highlight its features and the many vases in your collection that adorn the house. Accent lighting is instrumental to add visual interest by bringing out the style of standalone pieces of vases, decor, art and photographs through the focus of the light, intensity of brightness and the projection angle of light that creates an illuminating effect on your interiors decorations.

Mood lighting

Psychology says that lighting greatly impacts the mood of people both outdoors and indoors. Architects and interior decorators swear by putting mood lighting as priority, and one excellent way of doing so is by using dimmers. It is said that mood lighting can help fight depression, lessen cravings, and get some sound sleep. You can experiment with mood lighting through using different tones of light, shades of light and by choosing the design of lighting fixtures. Warm lights are winners as they give a sense of calmness to the house, but make sure you invest in sky lights or overhead lights to give your evenings a tinge of glam.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are like jewellery. They can either add glamour and be the centre stage of your home, or play a supporting role to accentuate your home. So it’s important to pick the right accessory. While you are cherry-picking your lights, always remember to select them according to the size and shape which fit and match the spaces you plan to add it to.

Using smart lights, lamps and dimmers has an added appeal of saving electricity since you’re no longer lighting rooms that aren’t being used. We’re all guilty of whimsical purchases, but before buying, visualise if the chandelier, wall sconces and lamps match the space and add to the vanity of your home.  So, why wait until Diwali to light up your home with chandeliers and diyas? From making your home look bigger, to being more productive, or making your home Instagram-ready, choose the right lights to transform your hearth.

(The author is interior design expert, Pepperfry)