As job hunting goes online...

As job hunting goes online...

advanced Youngsters often search for jobs online.

It is reported that more than 40,000 employment sites exist across the world. And most of the online job sites aid their clients in getting attractive and suitable job offers. One can fill out a job application and submit resumes anywhere in the world through the Internet.

At the same time, people say offers that come through these sites are not related to one’s preferred area. People also suspect that these sites might be selling personal information to marketing agencies for their advertising activities.

Are these online job sites really helpful to youngsters in getting jobs and are they reliable? Metrolife spoke to some of the students in the City in this regard. Anagha Gunjal, a media student, is all praises for online job sites. She says that these sites are user-friendly and anybody acquainted with computers can apply.

She says, “I have put in my application at one of the job sites long back and am still getting job offers. But the thing is, majority of the proposals are in no way related to my job domain although features like areas of interest and job location preferences disclose our specifications.”

Unlike Anagha, Shivram Sujir, another student, is suspicious about the off-screen activities of these sites. He says, “I heard that some sites share the applicants’ personal information with the marketing people for advertising purposes. Hence, we end up getting unwanted calls.”

However, he appreciates these sites for some of their excellent features. “These sites are user-friendly and within a few minutes, one can upload the resume and corporate companies shortlist candidates in a short span of time. We can also check the companies which have viewed our profile,” he beams. He says those who hop jobs should keep on updating their resume so that job offers pour in good number.

Amith M S, an MCA graduate, thinks that the offers rush incessantly but specific ones are minimal.

“I am getting employment offers and calls for interview, quite often from BPO and marketing fields but they are no way related to my course and qualification. I think personal contacts and references do better than online applications,” he admits.

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