'Practice what you preach'

'Practice what you preach'

'Practice what you preach'

helpless Water is becoming scarce by the day.

To top it all, a recent study by the Indian Institute of Science predicts that the already-depleted water sources of Bangalore may completely dry up in the coming years, and that the City will soon be facing a severe water crisis. Metrolife speaks to a few youngsters and asks them what do they plan to do in order to preserve water for the future?

Dilip, Student

“Rainwater harvesting is one major step that we have to take in order to preserve water. Each time it rains, so much of water gets wasted. If only we can save up at least half of all that water, it will help a lot. Apart from this, it is not enough if we just speak about things. It is equally important to practice what we preach. Also, as youngsters, we should spread awareness about rain water harvesting to other people who don’t know much about it.”

Chinju, Student

“Each time we close a running tap, we are actually doing a lot towards water conservation. Unnecessary wastage of water should be brought to a complete stop. There are so many people who just throw excess water in front of their houses. All these things need to be controlled. We must use water very effectively. Also, the pollution of lakes must be stopped. Allowing dirty water to seep into lakes, polluting them with plastic materials and garbage, all these activities have to be stopped.”

Vivian, Student 

“Buy washing machines and dish washers which are energy and water-efficient. Do not waste water from fish tanks and kitchen. Use it in your garden as this water will be rich in nutrients and help in plant growth. At home, we must try and use limited utensils so that unnecessary washing can be cut down. Also, use shower heads which have a low flow of water as a lot of water gets wasted while bathing.” 

Eshwari, Student

“There are many ways to conserve water. Amongst them, I feel rainwater harvesting is one good and productive method. Every house should conserve rainwater and automatically, they will not become too dependant on other means. Also, we must keep in mind to have a lot of greenery in and around the house premises as it contributes to the environment and this is how we can put our waste water to some good use.”

Vinod, Student

“Wastage of water is something which most people love to do. We need to make efficient use of water by reusing the water which we use in the kitchen. The water that we use to wash vegetables, fruits and utensils can be collected and used for watering plants. This way, we will be saving so much water. Most people also waste a lot of water when they wash clothes and take bath. Such things must be thought about.”

Banmeet, Student  

“Bangalore is a place which gets good rains during monsoons. The heat is also not all that bad. With so many advantages, it becomes easy to conserve water. While washing clothes in washing machines, try to run the machine only when it is full so a lot of water can be saved. If your tap or hose is leaking, do get it fixed. It may be a small leak but a lot of water gets wasted when leakages happen.”