off the record

off the record

Changing colours

From being an ardent supporter of Baba Ramdev, Lalu has, of late, turned into a bitter critic of the yoga guru ever since the latter announced to float a political outfit.

Not very long back, when CPM leader Brinda Karat had alleged that animal bones were mixed in the ayurvedic medicine produced by the Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogapeeth, it was Lalu who had stoutly defended the yoga guru.

But now that Ramdev is flexing his political muscles, the maverick Lalu has become one of his strong detractors. “Ramdev Baba baura gayein hain (Ramdev has gone berserk),” the RJD supremo took a dig at him.

“Now he will dabble in politics after befooling the gullible people. He often plants his agent in the audience who will claim that he was cured of cancer, courtesy Baba. Even the medical experts have not yet found cure to the deadly disease but this Ramdev Baba has the panacea to all such diseases,” said Lalu, amid peals of laughter.

But then, Lalu’s shift in stand has not amused anyone as he is known to change colours faster than the chameleon.

Abhay Kumar, Patna
‘Home Alone’, almost

Whoever thought the ‘absent-minded’ parents of the smash hit movie ‘Home Alone’ are a rare breed could be forgiven. The 1990 movie starring Macaulay Culkin showed a couple accidentally leaving one of their five children at home while going on a holiday to Paris. A similar scenario unfolded at the Kochi International Airport on All Fool’s Day that passengers thought it was surely a prank.

Passengers had checked into the Kingfisher Airlines flight to Bangalore of 7.30 am when the cabin crew found that a seat was remaining vacant even after the check-in time had expired. Despite announcing this in the airport, there was no trace of the mysterious passenger who had vanished after undergoing security check. Finally, someone zeroed in on a 3-year-old girl who was loitering around the terminal. However, she did not know where her parents were and which flight she was on. Finally, the security personnel had to rely on the CCTV footage to find out those who accompanied the girl.

That’s not all. The parents had taken it for granted that their child was seated among the other children in the group and came to know that she was roaming in the airport only when it was announced in the plane!

R Gopakumar,  Thiruvananthapuram

Violence okay, but not now

The post-poll violence, which rocked Padarayanpura (ward No 135) last week had caught the police unawares.

Tired after a week of hectic work leading to the BBMP elections, the scuffle between two rival political groups left the police jostling for cover.

The city had remained relatively peaceful before the polls largely due to tight security arrangements. The lid, however, was blown off as soon as the polls concluded, leaving the already exhausted policemen to curse their job.

Being without adequate sleep for close to a week, the policemen were visibly
agitated over the sudden and unexpected eruption of violence.

A police officer, who could not sleep adequately for three consecutive days, had this to say about the troublemakers: “Mean fellows, why don’t they just let us relax after a week of exhaustive work.”

According to him, they had just heaved a sigh of relief after the polls. It, however, proved short-lived as the eruption of violence overstrained their nerves.

“Just when we thought that the trouble had been averted, we had to deal with the unruly mob,” he said. Apparently, the police were unhappy more with the timing than the violence itself.

Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui, Bangalore