On the happiness lane

On the happiness lane

My perfect weekend

On the happiness lane

I travel a lot on work but I have no complaints because I thoroughly enjoy my profession. However, if I know in advance that I will be getting the weekend off, I make it a point to slip into a lazy mode. If I had my way, I would sleep through the weekend and do nothing, just to get over a hectic week.

Weekends are special because I start my day really late and consciously keep the pace slow. My favourite pastime is to catch up on as many episodes of anime cartoons as possible. People may find it a bit too childish when I tell them that I enjoy watching Anime cartoons but one can pick up some of life’s most valuable lessons from these series. Anime concentrates mostly on life issues or things closely connected to human emotions.

There are a few anecdotes that the characters in these cartoons highlight like ‘life is never easy’, ‘whatever happens, never give up’ and ‘battle through walls’.  These sayings instill in me a positive spirit and strengthen my inner being.

Shopping is another weekend indulgence for me. I have a weakness for shoes and clothes. I think I have lost count of the number of shoes I have. I usually shop at Orion Mall because it is closer home. I also make it a point to dress according to the occasion and sometimes, take extra efforts to match my shoes with my outfit.

My playlist has the choicest of Bollywood songs. Listening to music is a thoroughly relaxing exercise for me. It takes my mind off work and the hectic pace that I am almost always caught in. I skip my workout sessions over the weekend because I believe weekends are meant to be lazy.

I don’t cook and my mother and grandmother have literally barred me from stepping into the kitchen. I am not a fussy eater and have whatever is kept before me. But I eat in small quantities and pack in a healthy diet. I generally stick to salads and steamed food.

I used to sketch and paint until I began acting. Sometimes, I try and get back to sketching, whenever I can grab some  time. I also make it a point to spend time with my school and collegemates. My friends have branched out into different professions. Most of us have common interests and our thoughts too are similar.

Hence, spending time with them is a thoroughly refreshing experience for me. We hang out at the game zone in Orion Mall and our outing is never complete without a movie and a meal.

I’ve never been a party animal, thanks to my strict and disciplined upbringing. So I never crave to hang out till late with friends or even travel overnight with them. Weekends are also when I go for long drives. I live near the new airport so sometimes I go for a late night drive with my family. This is the only time that I enjoy driving because the roads are free.

I devote a lot of time to my five-year-old sister Shiman Mandanna. She’s the baby of the family and I am almost like a mother to her. From bathing her and dressing her up to feeding her, I do it all whenever I am home on a weekend. Amidst my hectic schedule, I try to make time for all the things that I love doing. It makes me feel positive and happy.

(As told to Nina C George)

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