'H1N1: Screening before departure necessary'

He was speaking on the subject ‘Swine Flu-causes and control’ here. Passengers flying to India must be screened before allowing them to board Indian flights, this will avoid the tedious job of screening patients at International airports, he stated.

“Many European countries have already adapted this method and have started to screen patients coming to their country.  India must also adapt this, as checking on each and every patient at the airports is a tedious job”, he added.

He said that the doctors at the airports are also not taking necessary precautions. It is not only the mask, usage of gloves is also very important to avoid the spread of virus, he stated.

On the recently reported positive cases from Coimbatore, he said chances of patients with H1N1 influenza symptoms travelling on board can easily cause infection to other co-passengers and the symptoms might not occur initially to other infected passengers.  It is only after a period of time that one develops the symptoms, he informed.

Changing nature

Although anti-viral therapy is available, the changing nature of H1N1 Influenza is a concern.  Even though 21 days of quarantine period can completely remove the virus influence, certain basic hygienic practices like washing hands, covering while sneezing must be followed religiously, he said.

Dr Seenappa has worked as a Project Officer, UNICEF at Barbodas, Carribean Area Office and many other African and South American countries. 

He has also worked on project on Bird Flu, first case of Chikungunya and Dengue in Africa.

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