Pvt hospital directed to pay Rs 11.5 lakh

Pvt hospital directed to pay Rs 11.5 lakh

B Jagadish Vittal had sustained injuries on his left leg and left hand in a car accident and was admitted to Krishna Nursing Home where he underwent a surgery. However, he felt numbness and severe muscular pain in his leg. The doctor opined Vital needs to be attended by a vascular surgeon and referred him to Clumax Diagnostics which directed him to Manipal Hospital. The patient underwent an emergency surgery and his left leg was amputated above knee.

The Forum ruled that medical negligence and delay in diagnosing patient’s “compartment syndrome’’ necessitated amputation. The complications would not have developed if treated in time, it observed,  and directed the nursing home and surgeon to pay up the amount within one month of the order.

ESI Hospital to pay up
The Forum has also found the Medical Superintendent of the ESI Hospital guilty of medical negligence resulting in severe mental agony and physical pain to a patient. It has ordered reimbursement of medical expenses of Rs 30,968 and payment of Rs 20,000 as compensation.

H S Raghunath had injured his left ankle after a fall. He went to the ESI Hospital where the Orthopaedic surgeon prescribed him medicines and a week’s rest. But the pain and swelling did not subside and he went again to the hospital only to be prescribed more medicines.

As the pain and swelling persisted, he went to Sagar Hospital which diagnosed it as neglected tear in the left heel. He underwent a corrective surgery which cost him Rs. 30,968.

Country Club
The Forum has directed the Country Club of India to refund a sum of Rs 90,000 and Rs, 5,000 as compensation to its customer Ajay Salanky.
Ajay had paid Rs 90,000 to the private firm to get a site. However,  the firm didn’t keep its words.
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