H1N1: Health workers vaccinated

H1N1: Health workers vaccinated

Being a doctor herself, Dr Kavitha was a little apprehensive to receive the vaccination initially. “After such a long time I was receiving an injection. I was a little scared, but everything went well. I am doing absolutely fine and back on duty in the ICU section,” she said.

Health workers including doctors, paramedic staff, lab technicians, nurses and ward boys from the hospital received the vaccination.

Medical Director of the Hospital Dr Paramesh said that they were aware of the possible side-effects before hand.  “We knew that post vaccination, people would suffer from chills, low grade fever and body ache.
However out of the 30 health workers, one or two have suffered slight pain, which will eventually subside,” he said.

The State government had received 1,24,200 doses (around 60,000 vials) of Panenza vaccine, manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur from the Union government recently.  The State health department is now distributing these vaccines to government/private medical colleges and hospitals.

The flu which created havoc last year has so far claimed 154 lives in the State with 89 persons succumbing in Bangalore. Till date 2,137 persons have tested positive for Influenza A (H1N1) in the State.
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