Udupi tops in sound pollution in State

Udupi tops in sound pollution in State

In the last five years, the density of vehicles have been increased by five times. The sound pollution is above 115 decibel. If the sound pollution continues to increase in this pace, then in the next 10 years, a person would have lost 50 per cent of his hearing capacity, warns the report.

Owing to the improper maintenance of wastes, the wastes for disposal are on rise. This will have serious health and environmental problems on Udupi town. The wastes are being created from industrial activities, hospitals and houses. With the shifting of wastes disposal yard, people could heave a sigh of relief.

However, the contents in the wastes are a matter of concern. Plastics and chemicals are found more in the wastes. Plastics and synthetic materials do not get decomposed in the soil. Hence, the city will face cleanliness problem in the future, the report stated. The use of insecticides and pesticides are on rise in coastal region. This will have an adverse effect on environment and health, the report warned.

The report said “owing to the increase in use of hybrid seeds, more than 50 local varities of paddy seeds have been vanished in the district. The situation is same with regard to medicinal plants. The district was known for bio-diversity. However, many of them are fast disappearing.”  

Water pollution, air pollution and increase in wastes will have a direct impact on the lives of human beings. There is a need preserve bio-resources, the report stated.
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