'I see my age as an advantage'

'I see my age as an advantage'

'I see my age as an advantage'

Samyuktha Hegde never wanted be an actor. She was all of 18 when she got a call to come on board ‘Kirik Party’ which she eventually agreed to. Looking back, Samyuktha feels her life has changed for the better.

After her successful debut, the young actor says she realised that hard work and commitment can take anyone places. She will be soon seen playing a hearing-and speech-impaired person in her next film ‘Omme Nishabdha Omme Yudha’. The actor talks to Nina C George about her work and why she doesn't like to rush into anything.

Did you always want to be actor?
I never set out to be an actor. When the associate director of 'Kirik Party' offered me the role, I declined it several times before I finally decided to act in it. But now I realise that if you put in your best into whatever you are doing, then you can achieve what you want.  

Isn't it too early to be choosy with your projects?
After 'Kirik Party', I want to do the right films and stay in people’s heart. Most of the offers coming my way are of roles similar to what I played in ‘Kirik Party'. I haven’t got too many projects where I can showcase my skills.

You have signed ‘Omme Nishabdha Omme Yudha’. What’s your role in it?   
I play a hearing-and-speech-impaired person. I am really excited about this project because it is a performance-oriented one.

How are your preparing for it?
Since I play a speech-and-hearing-impaired person, my expressions convey everything. I am working hard to get my expressions right. I practise in front of the mirror and that has helped.

The biggest challenge in 'Omme Nishabdha...'?
I am a very talkative person and it is hard for me to remain quiet. I find it difficult when I can't talk for a whole day when the shoot is on. So I am trying to do some method acting and remain as calm and mute as possible till the shooting is over.

Your strength as an actor...
My age (I will be turning 19 soon). I have a long way to go and I see my age as an advantage because I have enough time to mould my career and make the right moves. I am still in  a position to take rejections in the right spirit.

Who do you turn to for advice?
I look up to Rakshit Shetty and my brother Deepak Hedge. They have always told me to stay grounded and look at every project as a newcomer. I always run to these two people for direction and guidance.

How do you handle criticism?
Negative comments have had a positive effect on me. I don't let negativity tie me down.

Is there anybody you look up to in Kannada films?
Sruthi Hariharan. She is grounded, humble and someone you can connect to.

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