'Stop acquiring agriculture land'

'Stop acquiring agriculture land'

Nanaiah stresses need for second green revolution

'Stop acquiring agriculture land'

Speaking at the 103rd birth anniversary of Babu Jagjeevan Ram organised by district administration here on Monday, he said “projecting Babu Jagjeevan Ram as a leader of one particular community is a shame for the country. It is a tragedy that we could not put an end to an attempt   to project him as a Dalit leader on his birth or death anniversary.”
“Though Ambedkar and Babu Jagjeevan Ram were born in downtrodden class, they fought against caste system and tried to bring in equality in the society. They are the social reformers of the country, who stands tall even to this day,” he added.

As a Agriculture Minister, Babu Jagjeevan Ram heralded the green revolution in the country, thus making the country self-reliant in food production. He played a vital role in improving the standard of lives of farmers in the country.

‘Stop land acquisition’
Nanaiah said “The acquisition of agriculture land by the government should be stopped. If the acquisition continues, then India will have to beg before Europe or America for supplying food to its 110 crore population. In this background, there is a need for second green revolution in the country.”

District administration should not join hands with the government in converting agriculture land to non agriculture purpose, he suggested.
Zilla Panchayat Standing Committee on Social Justice President S N Raja Rao said “there is a need to ward off caste system in the society. All of us should have equal rights. There should be no discrimination in the society.”

Deputy Commissioner K H Ashwathanarayana Gowda also spoke. Chamarajanagara Government First Grade College Political Science Lecturer Dr P Devaraj, CMC President P D Ponnappa, Zilla Panchayat Vice President Anitha Kanjithanda, Zilla Panchayat CEO Mirja Akbarulla and TP President Subhashini Shekar were present.
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Speaker, MLA flayed
MLC M C Nanaiah flayed Speaker K G Bopaiah, MLA M P Appacchuranjan for not attending 103rd birth anniversary of Babu Jagjeevan Ram. “How can a responsible person skip such an important programme. This act of him brings disgrace to his position. Politicians should have time sense.”