'Permanent membership in Security Council not easy'

'Permanent membership in Security Council not easy'

India needs to put in place an acceptable formula: Tharoor

'Permanent membership in Security Council not easy'

“It is not an easy task. We need to put forth a formula that can be accepted by all the member nations and two third of the world parliaments”, he added.

Answering a query, Dr Tharoor completely brushed aside speculations of a Chinese threat to India. Indo-Sino relationship is certainly warm, as China is India’s number one partner in trade and manufacturing goods. The only problem is that they sell us more than we sell them, but we are trying to push them to reduce some of their exports to India, he said and urged to stay tuned for updates.

The minister maintained that it is wrong to blame some countries for not issuing visa to Indians on arrival. “We can not blame a country for protecting its market. It’s not always terrorism, but there can be political, social and market reasons for strict visa policy. In fact, India has a very strict visa policy due to terrorism”, Tharoor added.

Tharoor said that the government is in favour of free trade with the South Asian countries, but pointed out the difficulties involved. “There is a mistrust or misgiving based on political grounds, which has spilled over to trade as well. India has been generous in its economic policies towards the South Asian countries. Pakistani tradesmen are allowed to trade here, but unfortunately it is an one-sided arrangement”, Tharoor said.
Answering a query on improving the trade relationship with East Aafrican Counties rather than depending on South America, Dr Tharoor urged the traders not to depend too much on the government. Cut out your own paths and venture into unknown territories. If one person succeeds, there will be many to follow, he said and added that many Multi-national companies based in India have ventured into trade in various parts of Africa and become successful.

Earlier, addressing the gathering, the minister lauded the way India bounced back after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. “We reacted to the problem very maturely and could tackle the investors effectively. And thanks to the sensible investors, our economy was back on track by the next May, Tharoor said. He called for a good understanding between the government and the various Chambers of commerce in the country and added that it will be mutually beneficial.

KCCI President Srinivas S Kamath, Vice President G G Mohandas Prabhu and other office bearers were present.

Tharoor cracks
The personality par excellence that he is, Shashi Tharoor is known for his witty cracks as well. He did not disappoint the Mangaloreans as well. To a query on when India can get a permanent membership in the UN Security council, Tharoor in his typical style said, “I wish I had a crystal ball”.

When the floor was open for questions, the very first question was troubled by the faulty mike system, which produced a very shrill voice. “That is one question for which In do not have an answer”, came Tharoor’s comment.
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Passport Seva Kendra in Mangalore
Responding to a representation by KCCI regarding the delay in starting a Passport office in Mangalore, Dr Shashi Tharoor said that a Passport Seva Kendra in Mangalore very soon. The Passport Seva Kendras are Private undertakings where a private contractor receives applications and completes all documentation. Henceforth, the applications will be sent to the approved passport office. The idea of Passport Kendras were put forth by the previous government and the cabinet has decided to open 77 such offices all over the country. The pilot testing centre has been set up in Bangalore in March. We have to wait to find out if it is successful and to make sure that there are no faults. “Once we get the green signal, I’ll personally see that Mangalore gets one of the first centres”, Tharoor promised.