A school with a difference

A school with a difference

A school with a difference

The management of the Helen Keller composite school which took a decision to run such a school has been running it successfully in spite of the many hurdles it has faced.
In the beginning many parents kept their children away from the school thinking that this school was meant only for special children.

However, the administration did not lose heart but managed to bring both the normal children and the physically and mentally challenged children together to study.
The Helen Keller composite school was started with the same aim as the parents of a special and normal children who treat them equally, said the school’s head mistress Gayathri Ravish speaking to Deccan Herald.

We are handicapped, we cannot do anything, we are useless, is the feeling that most of the challenged children have. In order to see that they do not suffer from such a feeling the school was started. Today there are 32 students studying in standard one to ten. Till now more than 150 special children have passed and gone on to pursue higher education.

The children here are not only taught to read and write but they are also made to participate in scouts and guides, sports and cultural activities which helps them develop self-confidence.

Only when the parents accept that their children have a problem and encourage them will it be possible for such children to be on par with normal children, is the opinion of the teachers.

Even though this school was started for the special children, today in order to bring them to the mainstream, they are treated on par with the 148 normal children.
The physcially challenged children have participated in state and national level athletics along with the normal children and bagged several awards. Last January at the national-level athletics held in Hyderabad, a ninth standard student Pavan Kumar bagged a second place. In the state-level athletics championships Shashi Kumar, Komala and Puneeth Singh participated and won gold medals.
The hearing impaired children Tanveer Ahmed, Nandini and Priyanka who studied in the school are now doing diploma.

Grants stopped
The grant that the government had been giving since the last nine years recognising the special work the school was doing, has all of a sudden stopped it.  
The government still owes the school grant of three years out of the nine years it had given. As a result the school is lagging behind financially, feel the governing body of the school.

In the light of the Act that came into force, the grant has been stopped. However, this is not a special school or a physically challenged school.
Our only aim is to give education to both special children and normal children, is the stand of the governing body.
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