Jumping into pool to escape scorching sun

Jumping into pool to escape scorching sun

Jumping into pool to escape scorching sun

With summer vacations set to start from next month, swimming coaching camps in the City seem to be gearing up to meet the overwhelming summer crowd. 

Be it a private or a government-owned pool, Bangalore has got the right facilities for the learner’s and pro’s alike. The Vijayanagar club for instance, offers separate coaching classes for men, women and children.

Irrespective of the age, the club promises the concerned individual that he/she would be swimming by the end of its three-week course. The fee for the course costs Rs 1,100, however those interested in sticking on to a swimming regime can do so by paying a monthly fee of Rs 1,200.

Similarly, the K C Reddy Swimming Pool in Sadashivnagar offers three week summer coaching camps for children at a cost of Rs 2,000.

Considering the weather and the health benefits of swimming, the facilities cannot have come at a better price. However, there are certain safety measures that swimming enthusiasts must acquaint themselves.

One of the most important aspects is contamination and the potential for spread of disease in poorly maintained swimming pools.
Some of the contaminants brought in from the infected swimmers include sweat, cosmetics, lotion and even fecal matter. Contamination can be minimised by good hygiene practices such as showering before swimming and not letting children with intestinal disorders swim.

Dr Venkatram, vice president of Bangalore Dermatology Society said that parents should personally supervise their children’s hygiene to avoid unnecessary infections and rashes. “Parents are often seen using the same towels for cleaning; this should be avoided” he said. Along with hygiene, those averse to heat should preferably put sunscreen to avoid sunburn, he pointed out.
In addition, proper pool filtration and re-circulation system along with good disinfection mechanism is a must before anyone decides to take a plunge into the pool.
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