Trust, the driving force

Trust, the driving force

Trust” is the word that cements a relationship  and smoothens its edges by allaying all doubts and fears. All religions are built around trust in someone higher or something  nobler.

Trust in the medical treatment and the doctor is said to go a long way in  patient recovery; the same binds couples together thus saving families from devastations.

  For the same reason, the experience of getting betrayed, stabbed in the back and getting cheated, becomes a terribly unfortunate one. It saps one of self confidence and morale. It challenges one's decision-making abilities and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for a long time to come. Getting let down in a business partnership could land one in a financial mess and the recovery from the situation could be a costly and long process; misplaced trust in a doctor or hospital could lead to fatal consequences.  Similarly, a personal relationship developed by reposing trust blindly in a partner tarnishes one’s social image and leaves a deep emotional scar that takes long time to heal.

  It is imperative we should not overlook the fact that we have come a long way from the days of Harishchandra or Punyakoti, who kept her word by coming back to offer herself as prey to the tiger after tending to her young one. The present world has long ceased to be a cocoon of families, close relatives and the friendly close-knit neighbourhood. Deals are forged across countries and continents with strangers whose real identities could well be camouflaged.

Assessing the pros and cons of a deal you are planning or the persons you are dealing with is the hallmark of a prudent person. It is not an insult to the person with whom you are forging the deal, but is only a safety measure to help you keep your trust in tact.   “All that glitters is not gold” is a wise cliche worth taking note of in this context.  Hence, take legal advice wherever needed, consult those who you trust in and those who have experience in such matters.

Last but not the least, have trust in the Almighty, and His ability to guide you towards right decisions, connections and relationships.

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