Providing food for the soul

Providing food for the soul


Providing food for the soul

Being part of a vocational institute, these students spend most of their time in theory and practical classes and have less leisure time to spend in the canteen. Despite this, the college canteen is their favourite place to hang out.  These students have developed a bonding with Goutam, a Bengali babu who caters to their needs. He is a passionate dada for them.

The canteen is quite spacious and more than 80 students can sit comfortably. It is crowded during lunch hours. However, hostellers come to this canteen for breakfast and dinner as well.  The canteen menu is fixed for each day. Breakfast consists of South Indian food items whereas lunch and dinner include North Indian thali. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served in this self-serving corner.

Goutam, who shares a cordial relationship with these students, says time flies by in the company of these youngsters. “I have been here for six years and feel one amongst them. The students do all kinds of masti here. They sing, dance, tease and do all types of mischievous things. They make fun of me and at the same time, extend a helping hand while I make roti, chapathi and paratha,” he says.

The spaciousness and ambience of the canteen act as stress busters for the students. They share their lunch boxes, watch TV, discuss topics and gossip in this food junction.
Pinjala has a special reason to visit the canteen as she and Goutam dada are from West Bengal. She says, “It’s like home-food for me and I like Khichdi and Gobi Manchurian very much. We can’t spend much time in canteen but the little time that we spend here is always fun-filled.”

Though Catherine is bored with the same taste, she adores the food court’s lively environment.  “We do a lot of mischievous things here. We share lunch boxes and fight with others who try to steal food from our plates. Dada is like our elder brother, with whom we battle for extra papads,” she beams.

Deepa Karlo, another student, is of good opinion about the canteen too.  “Most of my friends complain about the food provided in their respective colleges. But I can proudly say that we are getting good food here,” she avers.