An evening of classics

An evening of classics

Celebrating Chopin

An evening of classics

Last week, saw an evening of piano and violin classics being held at the Theme Piano World. The evening was also organised to celebrate 200 years of Frederic Chopin and saw Natallia Kapylova and Christo Fernandes performing together for an eager crowd, that was there to celebrate the great composer.

Natallia, a concert pianist, who had earlier played on The European Day in New Delhi, was here to play  some of the classic works of Chopin. While Christ, a violinist, played the works of other musical geniuses like Beethoven and J Massenet, along with her.  

The crowd was abuzz with excitement as people gathered and seated themselves in the small performance space. The audience was an eclectic mix of people, but one thing that was common among all of them was their love for classical music. Everyone waited for the artistes to come on stage and start the evening of classics.

And they didn’t have to wait for long. Soon Natallia and Christo took their place and started the evening with works of Beethoven and Massenet, rounding off with the famous Czardas.  The audience was delighted with these familiar pieces which set the mood for the rest of the concert.

The genius of the compositions couldn’t be ignored and it was evident from the very first note that the duo understood the composer and his music.  But everyone was really looking forward to Natallia playing some of Chopin’s bestcompositions.

“I am looking forward to listening to an all-Chopin solo programme,” said Maryann, a music enthusiast. And indeed it was worth the wait. Natallia started off with the Mazurka and followed it up with Valse.  The music was exquisite as she started and it could be seen in the audience’s reaction.

The Nocturne was slow and emoted sadness, taking one to another time. She followed it up with Etude and Prelude after which came the jewel of the evening, Fanataise Impromptu.

The music was moving and everyone was up on their feet as she finished, applauding the artiste as she bowed to the glowing appreciation. One could feel the enthusiasm of the crowd as they called for an encore.

Natallia finished the evening’s performance with Berceuse, which was upbeat and a delight to listen to. This could be seen through the smile on everyone’s faces as she performed the ballad. The evening came to an end with a note of thanks to the performers and the classical music enthusiasts who came to support the concert.