'I don't know' is a possibility

'I don't know' is a possibility

The basis of belief is you are not straight enough to admit that you do not know. Only if you see ‘I do not know’, the possibility of knowing arises in your life. ‘I do not know’ is a tremendous possibility. When you see ‘I do not know’, the longing to know will come. When the longing to know comes, seeking will come. When seeking comes, there is a possibility of knowing. If whatever you do not know you just believe, you are ensuring that you will never know. If your intention is to remain ignorant you must believe something, otherwise there is no need to believe anything.

Either you know something or you do not know it, that is all there is to life. If you have not made your life in such a way that you can be straight with the world, at least with yourself, you must be 100 per cent straight. What you know, you know; what you do not know, you do not know. If you are straight with the whole world, that would be absolutely wonderful. But if you have not made your life that wonderful or beautiful, at least don’t deceive yourself.

If you make yourself believe things which are not a reality for you, whether it is about God or the devil, it is still a belief.

The question is not what you believe in, the question is you believe; that means essentially you are deceiving yourself. You are not willing to admit that you do not know. If you see ‘I do not know’, you will become gentle, you will walk gently. Only when you think you know, you will walk blatantly on this planet.

Belief is a horrible egoistic state because you think you know not just this life, you think you know the creator and beyond. All the struggle in the world is just this: one man’s belief versus another man’s belief. But it is always being projected as good versus evil, which is not true. It is time to stop this; there is enough intellect in the world today to cultivate a certain level of awareness in people to see what they know, they know and what they do not know, they do not know. This is a simple way to exist.
And this ‘I do not know’ is the only possibility for you to know. If you destroy that, you will never know.