Bangalore varsity registrars meet Governor seeking clarification on inquiry

Bangalore varsity registrars meet Governor seeking clarification on inquiry

The two registrars also presented their side of the story and sought a comprehensive inquiry including a probe into the actions of the Vice-Chancellor N Prabhu Dev.

Sources close to both registrars revealed that they met the Governor on Monday to explain why they went to the press following the decisions by the V-C to give more powers to the Deputy Registrar and to appoint a core committee to decide all exam-related matters.

“The registrars have confidence in the Chancellor’s office and believe that the inquiry will be comprehensive and will include the recent actions of the V-C,” sources said. Although the terms of reference were yet to be framed, the Governor had assured the registrars that the inquiry will be completed within a couple of months, sources added.  According to Governor’s office sources the primary goal of the inquiry was to get the two camps working together for the benefit of both the varsity and its students.

“Our intention is to ensure that both camps co-operate and function as a team rather than two opposing forces,” the source said.

However, the source also indicated that the delay in implementing certain examination related decisions and the recent fire that destroyed several answer scripts at the varsity will figure amongst the terms of reference for the probe.
The Governor had appointed Justice I P Vashisht, retired judge, Allahabad High Court last Saturday to probe recent complaints against the Registrar and Registrar (Evaluation) of Bangalore University. In particular, the Governor had taken exception to the registrars announcing their disapproval of the V-C and his actions to the media on April 1.
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