Two mishaps mar inaugural run

Two mishaps mar inaugural run

Yeshwantpur-Hosur train was delayed by 30 minutes

Two mishaps mar inaugural run

Just ten minutes later, the Yeshwantpur-Hosur Special (YH-1) came to an abrupt halt even before it could reach the first scheduled stop, Lottegollahalli station, 4 kms from Yeshwantpur.

The reason: an accident involving live overhead lines had taken place on the tracks minutes earlier and a damaged contact arm was still dangling from above.  The shocker came within half an hour of another accident on the track, in which a passenger seated near the door of a moving train fell off and suffered severe injuries on his head and hands. 

This reporter was on board the train YH-1 which was nearly empty but for a couple of railway employees and an inspection carriage attached to it in which Union Minister of State for Railways, K H Muniyappa, and top officials were travelling.
Railway technician George said he and six of his colleagues, including the injured victim, Chandrashekhar were getting ready to chop off a tree adjoining the track. While ‘Electric Power Block’ is usually done when carrying out such work, it was bypassed this time.

“The tree is at some distance from the electric wires and the branches are at a considerable height from the overhead electrical wires. So, we did not switch off,” he said. Chandrashekhar was the first to climb the tree. Under the impact of his body weight, a branch swung low and brushed against the wires. “He suffered severe electric shocks instantly as the poles were of a high capacity (25,000 KV) and was thrown off instantly,” George added. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.
The inaugural special was halted 100 metres from the hanging electric pole. A large crowd had gathered at the adjoining road, loudly discussing the terrible happenings and were surprised to see a new train on the track.

Railway officials, in a tizzy, due to the Minister’s presence in the train, made frantic calls to staff to control the situation. A local technician attached the dangling electric pole to another overhead structure with a thick rope.  
The train was finally shown the green flag. Slated to reach Hosur in 95 minutes, it took an extra half an hour to complete its first trip.
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Y’pur-Devanahalli train timings
Onward journey (YD-1): Leaves YPR at 10.40 am, stops at Lottegollahalli, Kodigehalli, Yelahanka, Bettahalsoor H, Dodjala H before terminating at Devanahalli at 11.45 am. Return trip (DY-1): Departs from Devanahalli at 1.15 pm and reaches City at 2.35 pm.

Two Y’pur-Hosur-Yeshwantpur Specials:
The route from Yeshwantpur to Hosur (YH-1) will pass via Lottegollahalli, Hebbal, Banaswadi, Belandur Road,  Karmelaram, Heelalige and Anekal Road during its onward trip. The first trip will leave at 6.20 am and touch Hosur at 7.55 am. Return trip: HY-1 will leave Hosur at 8.10 am and stop at same stops before reaching Yeshwantpur at 9.50 am. The evening passenger (YH-2) will run along the same direction. It will leave at 3.35 pm and touch Hosur at 5.05 pm. Return trip: HY-2 will leave Hosur at 5.45 pm and touch Yeshwantpur at 7.20 pm.