Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Tributes to RKS

The Guru Keshava Surya Memorial Trust conducted a two-day music festival on the occasion of the 80th birth anniversary of Vidwan R K Suryanarayana.

R K Suryanarayana (1937-2004) was not only a great veena player but also an able teacher who had taught a number of youngsters. He was a composer too. Veena ensemble, solo veena recitals by both senior and upcoming artistes, jugalbandi and vocal recitals were held to mark the occasion, which were well coordinated by Vidwan R K Shankar.

Six senior disciples of Suryanarayana presented six compositions on their veenas. Well known Darbar varna gave them a bright start. It was followed by another familiar composition “Pranamamyaham” in the raga Gowla. They also presented two compositions of Suryanarayana, which were also well received by the audience.

Revathi was brief but evocative. The devaranama “Rayarendare” reminded at once that RKS. was also a “Asthan Vidwan” of Mantralaya Mutt. “Raja Raja Rajite” of Dr L Muthaiah Bhagawathar in the raga Niroshtaka was another fine selection. Charukeshi is a “Krama Sampurna” raga, which was brought to light by Saint Tyagaraja. Especially his composition “Aadamodigalade” is quiet popular in this raga. The performers - Meena Murthy, Geetha Navale, Pushpa Raju, Tulasi Rammohan, Nagarathna and Bhagyasri Chandrasekhar presented the alapana by turns, bringing out the essence of the raga successfully. Finale came in the form of thillana of Suryanarayana in Natabharavi. Three women percussionists - Lakshmi Pillai, Sumana Chandrasekhar and Bhagyalakshmi M Krishna - accompanied on mridanga, ghata and morching, respectively.

Guru Smarane

Nupura, the established dance school of Bengaluru, in collaboration with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducted “Guru Smarane” to pay homage to Dr K Venkatalakshamma, Muguru Jejamma and H R Keshavamurthy. B K Vasanthalakshmi of Vishrutha School of Performing Arts was felicitated on the occasion.

Prasanna Kasturi, a resident of St Louis in the US, is known as a classical dancer, teacher and organiser. Born in Bengaluru, Prasanna has been trained by Dr Lalitha Srinivasan and Narmada and he holds a masters degree in Information System. He has directed dance dramas of Kuvempu, P T Narasimhachar and few Sanskrit works, also.

Prasanna opened his programme with a Pushpanjali and Ganesha Vandana. The main item of his recital was a varna “Daanike Tagu Jaanara” in Todi. The next composition was written by Prasanna himself based on Akroora-Kamsa and Krisha in the raga Sarasangi. In this compact programme, Prasanna performed with ease and confidence as usual, which was proof of his seniority and experience.

Bharatanatya recital

Students of Kalpana School of Dance gave a Bharathanatya recital under the direction of Bharathi Vittal. In the pada varna of S Raja Ram in the raga “Shankarabharana” few episodes like Gajendra Moksha and Govardhana Giri were performed.

“Yadavaraya” of Kanaka Dasaru in Ragamalika also gave ample episodes to perform in the “Sanchari”. Dr M. Balamurali Krishna’s Kadana Kuthuhala thillana is a fine choice to conclude. Students danced with abandon and can improve with some more higher training and stage experience.

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