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Gandhinagar Grapevine

The charmer was here

The director was absent and the scribes were in a hurry, perhaps to escape the impending rains. However, there was a bright spot of sunshine, of wholesome laughter that lit up the whole room. And that laughter, the smile belonged to Suhasini. Quick to assess situations, the actress charmed even the most obstinate newsman in the room with her wit  and ease.

Words flowed thick and fast, interspersed by a giggle here and there. Suhasini’s words somehow conveyed her sincerity without doubt and here are some of them.

“There are three marriages in Eradane Maduve. Both Anant (Nag) and I remarry. But it will be suspense.”

“I love to do Kannada films. In fact, I have made some of my best films in Kannada since I began my career in 1982. That maybe because I had some good directors and good heroes. Vishnuvardhan, Anant Nag — all of them are gems, not just of Kannada industry but the entire Indian industry. They are a pleasure to work with. Each time you work with them, you learn something new, that is long lasting.

Besides films, they are also knowledgeable about other things in life...,” she trails off before coming back to her co-star Anant Nag.

“I like Anant. He is a realistic actor. Like him, even I hesitate about all this glamour, song and dance routine but in spite of it, we have succeeded for the past 28 years, so I can say that only formulaic films do not sell, they require luck as well!”

“I trust Dinesh Baboo. If he offers me a role even on the phone, I blindly say yes. For Eradane Maduve, he said I should do comedy for a change, I agreed. I have done comedy before in Telugu for Raghavendra Rao. Then there was Gopurangal Saivathillai in Tamil, a comedy role for me.”

“It has been a good experience here. I play a bank officer, who wears starched sarees to the bank; my character is also starched. Anant plays the Lokayukta who is trapped and suspended. One thing leads to the other and we end up breaking up and remarrying. We have laughed so much during the shooting!”

“I have got so many awards for my work here. I must say I love Bangalore — after Chennai it is only in Bangalore that I own some property.”

“For a long time, Vishnu has been behind me to direct a film here in Kannada, say for more than 10 years. All these days, there was the ready excuse of my son’s studies. Now that he will be joining the University soon, I may take a decision on this soon, maybe sometime next year,” the Indira director mused.

Some of Suhasini’s memorable films in Kannada are: Benkiyalli Aralida Hoovu, Bandhana, Muttina Haara, Suprabhaata, Yaarige Saalutte Sambala... Her favourite?

Amruthavarshini. True to her word, Suhasini wrapped up the ‘tete-a-tete’ and left, to laugh some more at the studio, leaving smiles on all faces behind.

Woman in a hurry

The overcast sky was in stark contrast to the mood at the press conference of Dinesh Baboo's Eradane Maduve.

Actress Suhasini was in town, to dub for the film and was in a tearing hurry to finish the job. The producers promptly utilised the opportunity and arranged for a meeting.

The sprightly actress nullified any attack by the media with her disarming candour and a dose of political correctness. Mirth bubbled over and the producers were also able to duck the media bouncers. Not so, sassy Navya, an anchor on Zee Kannada, a Mysore girl, who tried showing off her English skills.

A BBA student, Navya had approached Baboo for a role during Janumada Gelathi, and landed up playing Anant Nag and Suhasini's daughter in Eradane Maduve. Oh yes,
she is paired opposite Prem Kumar, whom she marries in the end.

Suhasini seemed to be in a hurry and obliged the photographers for a few quick pictures when Tara with pretty pigtails made her late entry and the lenses flashed and clicked away furiously. Outside, the grey clouds continued to roll across the sky.

Srimurali’s new film

Actor Srimurali has chosen the silent way to tide over the string of failures. Of course, he spoke to the media but was economical with words.

At the launch of his new film, Hare Rama Hare Krishna Srimurali said that his role would speak for him. The role, similar to his older ones will be unique, he said, a statement open to interpretation.

Then it was the turn of the producers to drop a small bomb. Hare Rama Hare Krishna will see 30 rowdies in action onscreen, observes producer Palanahalli Ramakrishna.

When asked what was the need of using real rowdies in the film, both the producers recited the age-old dialogue: "Our film is based on a real incident and requires rowdies. But it will be different." They added, that the idea was also to send out a good message to the society. The film describes the life, the twists and turns that the unemployed youth encounters. Hare Rama Hare Krishna is directed by C V Ashok, an engineering graduate who was attracted to Gandhinagar while learning animation.

And no, Prakash Rai is not in the film, confirmed the unit. Hare Rama Hare Krishna has two heroines — Nakshatra and Roopashree. The film will be shot in and around Palanahalli, Mysore and in Bangalore as well.

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