Change always works from the inner to the outer and this is fundamental. Fengshui is working with the flow of chi (your energetic life force). Our bodies have currents of energy that flow within. Chi or life force as it is often called is similar to many of the elements that we use, feel, taste smell and see in every moment of our lives. In fact, it is the energy that gives power to everything around and inside of us.

According to Fengshui philosophy, chi is influenced by everything concrete in our lives. Our possessions and where they are located can all affect chi energy. Even the layout of our homes and offices affects chi energy. By adding and taking away objects, changing the positioning of furniture, plants, wall art, and more, we can increase our good luck.
You cannot see the wind but you can feel its effects although you may see the leaves and branches on a tree gently swaying from side to side, or smell the scent of fresh flowers as a breeze carries it across a meadow.

What works for one person will not work for you unless you believe in it and have faith that it will work. Use Fengshui to enhance your being, tastes and desires in the way that best works for you. To focus on something means to bring your attention in line with your intention. These are two very important points that will achieve success when you begin to use Fengshui cures.

To activate some basic Fengshui prior to making actual Fengshui changes in your living space, you could think of incorporating a few simple tips. The door and entrance are key points of the entire house/apartment- there’s a lot you can do at this point. Cheerful lighting is the easiest. Add a warm lamp to your entryway, install lights along your driveway to make your place look inviting and cheerful.

Energy must flow unrestricted and freely to have good chi; if it is blocked or stagnant you may find it hard to get moving and to keep moving. Remove obstructions and clutter from your pathways, hallways, driveway and entry. Keep them open and clear for free flowing chi (energy).

The bed is the most important place in a home or apartment following the door and entryway. It can affect all areas of your life, including health, marriage and prosperity
Balance and harmony are fundamentals of Fengshui. Walk around and feel the energy of your space- how does it feel to you? If you detect a lack of balance or harmony in a particular area, take note of it and try to realign things.

For those who are keen on gaining fame, and want to excel in your career, especially in sports, you could try tapping into the power of horses. In Fengshui, the horse, whose natural element is fire, is the seventh creature of the Chinese zodiac. It is favourably regarded as one of the animals that exude Yang energy and its representative direction on the zodiac is the South. The horse is emblematic of nobility, class and a comfortable lifestyle, and stands for speed and perseverance. A very unique combination of a monkey sitting on horse is a popular Fengshui symbolism in the eastern countries for better luck. Displaying your achievements in sport in the south sector of your home would aid your intention to do better.

Through good Fengshui, a person can help direct these forces to bring good luck, prosperity, happiness, and lot more.

(The author is a Fengshui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner
Email: consultation@fengshuiserver.com)