Going back in time

Going back in time

Going back in time

dramatic A scene from the play.

The evening began with an interaction with the audience about their perception of Malgudi Days. Those in the audience were thrilled to exchange their thoughts about the most popular serial of all times. Most of them said they relate Malgudi Days to their childhood pastime, R K Narayan, Agumbe, traditional values, culture of South India and much more.

Although Malgudi Daze is based on the famous novel Malgudi Days, the play was different. Prior to the play, the team promised to present Malgudi Days from a different perspective. They said they would show a Malgudi which we have not seen. And that was the USP of the play. Indeed they did present something different to the audience, it was a mix of trivia and facts.

The play showcased a series of short stories from Malgudi Days and the first one which was staged for the evening was Astrologer’s Day. Each short story lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes and the audience loved each one of them. Before each short play there was a small introduction about the play which helped the audience understand it. Anirudh, a marketing executive, said, “I have grown up watching and reading Malgudi Days. When I heard about the play I didn’t  think twice before coming to watch it. It was good, the actors also performed well, the stories were also interesting.”

Fellow feeling, Out of business were some of the other plays which were showcased. The props for the play were well done and apt for all the scenes. The entire stage was used well by the actors, dialogue delivery was sharp and clear.

Some plays were humourous and sent the audience into peels of laughter. Music and lighting was good. Some of the important roles were played by Sriharsha Grama, Abhishek Iyengar, Nagashree Karko, Syed Shuja and Madhuvanthi.

Lalitha, an HR professional, said, “I enjoyed all the plays. Every actor did justice to his or her role. Also I got a better insight in to Malgudi Days through the play.”