A bagful of beans!

A bagful of beans!

Invented in the late 1960s, this furniture item has come a long long way. Initially called Sacco, it became an instant  worldwide phenomenon making its way into everyone’s home.

It is amazing how something as simple as a bag filled with beans could become so popular but maybe it's this simplicity that makes a beanbag special. Metrolife finds out the reasons for the craze surrounding this cushy furniture.

The first thing that strikes you about a beanbag is its soft accommodating quality that envelopes the entire body. “A beanbag is very tempting. If you come across one, it looks like it's calling you towards it,” says Sunny, a student. “I think it is popular because of the snugness it provides. You never want to leave it,” says Sumukhi, a professional. Other plus points are the unconventional shape and the colourful choices that they are available in. “It is comfortable and relaxing. And the best part is it takes the shape that your body needs at that point of time, unlike chair or sofa. I have actually slept on my beanbag a number of times,” says Aditya, a professional.  

Another dimension to the beanbag is that it gives you the feeling of doing something much better. “If I have to sit down to read a book or chat or just watch some TV, I'd prefer having a beanbag more than anything else,” says Sunny. “It gives your body a lot of freedom in terms of posture and that makes it popular with the youth. It is actually a trend which supports the youth's ideology,” says Siddharth, a student.

So while there are hoards of people eager to just fall down at the beanbag and lie there till they are forced to get up, there is also a downside to it. “Since the beanbag takes the contour of your body, you can sit on it for a long time without getting up. This puts a lot of pressure on the vertebral column and may lead to a slip disc,” says kinesiologist B S Badrinath Rao. “I feel getting up from it is a form of exercise in itself.  It's so difficult,” says Anish, a professional. “It's not that the beanbag is bad for the back but the fact that it's so comfortable that you don't get up for long a period, and that definitely is not good,” adds Badrinath.