Music and dance reviews: Kala Padma award

Music and dance reviews: Kala Padma award
Kala Padma award

The Ponnaiah Lalithakala Academy presents the “Kala Padma” award in memory of Padmini Rao, every year. This year, the award was conferred on Dwaraki Krishnaswamy, senior flautist and composer. It was followed by a Bharathanatya recital by Indira Kadambi, senior dancer, teacher and choreographer.

A shloka on Saraswathi gave Indira Kadambi a bright start followed by a jathi swara. Any how the piece de’ resistance of the programme was the varna “Entha Nine Thelupudura” in Khamas. The well knit jathies which appeared ideal and was testifying to her rich experience and “Sadhana” on the salient elements in both the Nritha and Nritya. Jayadeva’s Astapadi - without the percussion background - and the devaranama “Buchi Bandide” brought out her matured Abhinaya successfully.

T V Ramprasad enhanced its resonance by his melodic vocal. Renjith Babu (Natuvanga), V Vedakrishna (mridanga), K Ganeshan and R Vishnu (guitar) - accompanied with good understanding.

Devotionals with feeling

Sri Guru Raghavendra Sevashrama had organised vocal and veena recitals apart from bhajans at its temple premises situated at L R Bande, Kaval Byrasandra, last week.

Dr Sukanya Prabhakar, is a senior vocalist, guru and “Tune smith.” She chose a variety of devotionals composed by different composers from 15th century to 20th century. Opening with a familiar devaranama of Purandara Dasa followed by with a Pada in the raga Nagaswaravali. Both “Tunga Teera Nivasa” of B K Padmanabha Rao and “Nagutha Nagutha” of Anandamma Kannan - attracted with its simple lyrics and fine tuning.

“Indu Enage” of Raghavendraswamy was elaborated briefly with raga and swara. Sukanya’s vocal was melodious and rendered with good feeling. “Karedare” of Kamalesha Vittala and a “Lalee” of Jagannatha Dasa were included in the last part of the concert. R Dayakar and M Gururaja accompanied on violin and mridanga respectively.

Haridasa compositions

M S Sheela, the reputed vocalist, chose a number of devaranamas of different Haridasas, for her current concert held under the aegis of Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi, Sudhindra Nagara.

“Indu Enage Govinda”, the only available composition of Raghavendraswamy, is a hot favourite of devotees always. It was prefaced with an authoritative alapana also. She prefaced several devaranamas with ugabhogas, which acquired a special delight, with graceful ‘sangathies.’

“Smarisi Beduvenu” (Jagannatha Vittala), Tunga Teera Viharam Bhajamana (Kamalesha Vittala), Manave Mantralaya - also pleased the gathering. “Innu Daya Barade Daasana Mele” - was more impactful. While “Hare Venkata Shaila Vallabha” was evocative a pleasant “Mangala”, “Mannaru Krishnage” was another good choice.

A blissful feeling swept the listeners throughout

Sheela’s concert. Mathur Srinidhi on violin, R Adamya on mridanga and Raghunandan on ghata - gave good support on their respective instruments.

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